Advisory Group and Contributors

The NGEWS Advisory Group

The role of the NGEWS Advisory Group is to provide recommendations and suggestions to the projects.  We seek to hear from all parts of the University and incorporate ideas into making the products useful and versatile.

Terms of Reference:

  • provide a forum for discussion on current and future services, objectives, standards and requirements.
  • review current services and discuss enterprise web services planning across the University.
  • discuss and recommend solutions for improved services and operations related to enterprise web services.
  • enable informed decision-making by operational groups and by the institutional leadership.
  • monitor and discuss appropriate metrics related to the project and services.

NGEWS Advisory Group Members

Teddy Cameron, Post-Graduate Medical Education

Sam Chan, Discovery Commons

Michelle Cortes, Digital Creative Services 

Caroline De Angelis, Bloomberg Nursing

Andrew Egan, University of Toronto Scarborough

Joseph Ferenbok, Faculty of Medicine

Steven Green, Digital Creative Services 

Bilal Khalid, University of Toronto Libraries

Nancy Okada, Student Life 

Mike Serafin, University of Toronto Mississauga

Heeyeon Song, Biomedical Communications

Court Van Beek, Discovery Commons

Cheryl Ziegler, Student Life


NGEWS Contributors

We would like to acknowledge the contributions of the following individuals in the NGEWS projects.

Rajiv Kaushik, Director of Project Management Office, I+TS

Frank Boshoff, Enterprise Architect, I+TS

Sue McGlashan, Information Security Architect, I+TS