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Elements Development

Estimated Launch Date: June 2016
Total Project Progress: 90%
Audience: Student, Faculty, Staff

Elements is your one-stop shop for web technologies.  Need to write content and let the world see it?  Check.  Want to make a beautiful website?  Check.  Want to make a poll for your personal project?  Check.

Elements will give deliver the technology to you.  All you need to do is a few clicks.  It will change the way how you interact with technology.  You don’t have to keep searching, instead, it presents you with the latest apps and services available.  No more sending emails to have technology arranged, start using technology to arrange technology.

Automation is what Elements is about.  We automate technology so you can use them whenever you want to.


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[skill percent=”96″ title=”Software Development” bar_foreground=”#f00″ bar_background=”#eee”]
[skill percent=”90″ title=”Server Infrastructure” bar_foreground=”#f60″ bar_background=”#eee”]
[skill percent=”70″ title=”Service Preparation” bar_foreground=”#900″ bar_background=”#eee”]