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Personal Spaces Development

Estimated Launch Date: Fall 2017
Total Project Progress: 90%
Audience: Student, Faculty, Staff

Personal web spaces (such as blogs, journals and portfolios) have become a common source of information in our society.  We discover new and interesting toys and tools, find out new cooking recipes, read about nutrition facts, learn about exciting movies and tv shows – personal web spaces have permeated our society and in the past 10 years become an integral part of how we learn, express, and market our ideas.  Even companies encourage employees to write about their work.  Managing a personal web space is becoming a skill that many employers look for.

We want to bring to you a personal web platform that is flexible and easy to use.  We know that you will enjoy using WordPress to write about your recent trip, publish the last team project you did with your classmates, or post the latest set of photos from a recent campus event. This will be your personal space here at UofT.


  • Publicly accessible blogs powered by WordPress
  • Weblogin/UTORid login
  • Many themes to choose from
  • Native commenting and discussions

Our team is constantly experimenting and developing new technologies.  We find that this first project will be a good learning lesson for us. We can build on top of what we learn from this and bring you even better technologies and tools in the future.


  • Gigabytes of image upload to cloud *
  • Sign-up, registration, and account management by Elements
  • Secure
    • UTORid enabled backend
    • Reverse proxy enabled frontend
  • Cached for performance

* storage limit to be determined

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