Survey & Forms

We want to give you a tool to create surveys and forms so you can collect any information you want from the Internet.  It should give you the ability to create different types of questions.  It will allow you to embed the form on any websites you want.  The tool should provide you with results, notify you when someone responded, and carry groceries to your car.  (Ok, not the last one.)

If you want to invite the world to fill it up, just copy the link and let everyone know.  Or if you want to invite people, just type in their email address.

The data you collected should be secure, and only you should see them (or those you trust).

Latest update: this project’s RFP is now publicly posted on MERX. 2.0

The University of Toronto has a URL shortener,, which shorten long URLs sometimes you find online and shorten it to a tiny one.  This service has been in place for many years now, but slowly it has presented some problems.

Our goal is to redesign the tool so that when you create a shortened URL, that URL is recorded under your profile.  You can update and delete it anytime you want, or transfer that URL to another user.

Enterprise CMS

We are going to build on the experience we gain from creating WordPress Blog and bring to you Enterprise Content Management System (Enterprise CMS).  Our goal is to consolidate hundreds of university websites to a single platform, with proven features and solid security as the backbone.

These websites can use custom domain names, or register or use an existing one that ends with

Enterprise CMS is suitable for any faculty department, research unit, university administration, or any affiliated group with the University of Toronto.